Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Where Is Our Dead End For Society?

The theme statement we are exploring in this challenge is: Inequality creates dead ends for society
We are going to make a collage to deeply explore and powerfully communicate this theme.
Some of the books and movies that we're using for examples in our project are: 
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Hunger Games
  • 12 Years a Slave
  • The Book Thief
  • Hidden Figures
Red represents the path to Freedom and Equality, and grey represents the path to Inequality.
The Colour pictures represent Freedom and Equality, and the black and white images represent Inequality.
You start at the Society and go outward and either end in a dead end, or exit

Friday, 3 March 2017

The House of the Scorpion, Harkness Discussion #4 Your Connections

We will fix this link soon but click on it to access the discussion

Discussion questions

1. How did we support quieter people during the discussion?
  • We made the talkative people stop talking and have the quiet people talk
  • We included them by letting them speak and encouraging people to speak
  • We probably should have done that more though

2. How did we support the more talkative people in the group?
  • We let them talk
  • We never really stopped them from talking but we just made gestures that showed we needed them to allow others to share
  • Some of the time people would talk over others which caused chaos to occur within the film

3. What is the timestamp of our best moment of discussion, and why?
  •  Our best time stamp in the discussion was 8:00-8:45 since that time was when we were all contributing and considering different opinions  on how Matt was being used compared to the other El Patron clones or if they were being used the same

4. What is our main goal for our next discussion?
  • We are going to try and step up and lead the discussion more as moderators so people don’t talk over others to make sure all opinions are shared and thought upon the group

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Tam Lin's Character Analysis

Tam Lin has a personality that has a deep relationship with nature. Tam Lin personality gives him the passion for studying nature and strive to inquire into it. The image with the ibis in the field displays Tam Lin’s curiosity within nature and his interests outside of being a bodyguard or servant for El Patron.

Tam Lin is a very selfless and ethical man who believes in the balance of society. Do to Tam Lin beliefs, he thinks that equality between citizens is always the path that should be taken.Tam Lin views the future as a place that everyone has proper rights which are likely why he is very respectful to Matt. Within this photo, you can see Tam Lin’s response to a comment. What he says is advice to defend Matt using his analogies to persuade others that matt is just like everyone else using his “intelligent speech”. Matt was surprised to see how poor the man’s writing was when his speech was so intelligent. (p149)

Here you can see again how Tam Lin has a large connection with nature. This survival, in the book, was given to Matt to allow him to escape to Aztlan away from Opium. We believe that this chest had somewhat to do with a message sent to Matt to tell him Opium is dangerous and should not be embraced by citizens. This Gives us the idea that he likes to protect Matt and wants to make sure he has people who care for him. This also shows, again, how he believes in equality with clones.

This image of the weights simply just displays how he is a bodyguard and is extremely muscular. His job is to protect one of the most powerful rulers in the world forcing him to exercise consistently and a lot.

In the book, Tam Lin is seen as a round character. We think this is because Matt sees Tam Lin as a father figure. Tam Lin is a very large component of Matt’s character development. Tam Lin has always been there to give Matt advice for his future growth. Without Tam Lin, we fear that Matt would have gone down a very dark path or develop El Patron’s mindset. Even though you can see flashes of Matt following the path of El Patron, he is quick to rigged his actions. Whenever Matt makes a wrong choice Tam Lin tries to drive him away from those trails and persuades him to examine the ethical choices.(p99-p111) Within the pages you see listed at the beginning of this sentence, Matt is at a party and starts to follow El Patron’s selfishness. Another piece of advice that was given to Matt was “Any rat in a sewer can lie. It’s how rats are. It’s what makes them rats But humans don't run and hide in dark places because he is something more. Lying is the most personal act of cowardice there is”.(Page 134)

We believe Tam Lin is a very static character within the book. Although you can see he has experienced a lot of character development in the past, they don’t highlight the change within the setting of the book. You see this on Matt finds out that Tam Lin is a terrorist. “Only set a bomb outside the prime minister’s house London” (p176) From him being a terrorist to becoming a father further it shows a lot of character development before Matt came along.

Thank you for reading our blog post if you have a different opinion on this situation please comment in the comment section below.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

The House of the Scorpion, Harkness Discussion #3 Middle Age

    1. And 2. How did we support the more talkative or quieter people in the group?
    Everyone seemed to talk the same amount overall, some people talked a little more than others but overall it was pretty much the same. Through the time we had to record we made sure everyone within the discussion had a chance to share their opinion on almost every question we brain stormed. We all supported each other's ideas and nobody really took over the discussion.

    3. What is the timestamp of our best moment of discussion, and why?
    Our best moment when we incorporated the most inquiry was when we were brainstorming ideas that hung around how matt would later use the secret passage he found in Felicia’s closet. The reason we used this timestamp is because this is when we were predicting the evolution of the story and how that passage will interact with the future of the story. it was 9-10 minutes

    4. What is our main goal for our next discussion?
    In the next discussion we believe we could try and inquire more because some of the answers we have received from people within the harkness discussion had lots to do with facts that we already read or just plain opinions on the facts. Next time I know we could discuss what we believe will happen later in the book so we could discover and predict how the story is going to develop to dictate more interest within the conversation.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The House of the Scorpion Annotated Map

Click on the image to bring you to an annotated map of opium and the relative areas that we have discovered so far in the book. Many of these places will likely have a great meaning in the future towards Matt's development and the Alacran's.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The House of the Scorpion, Harkness Discussion #2 Youth


  1. How did we support quieter people during the discussion?
    • we didn’t really try as hard to engage them in the project, instead we kind of just left them hanging which is definitely a goal we can make available for the next harkness discussion.

  1. How did we support the more talkative people in the group?
    • we kind of tried to make them shift the discussion to the less talkative people

  1. What is the timestamp of our best moment of discussion, and why?
    • 0:20 - 1:50 was our best because that was when everyone had contributed when we were all talking the most. This was also a time where our two groups were inquiring more and engaging each other in a very interesting conversation about clones.

  1. What is our main goal for our next discussion?
    • Our next goal is for sure to include the people that were less engaged since we absolutely forgot about it and did nothing about it.